Why Join a Photography Club? Here Are 6 Reasons To Convince You


If you are a photography enthusiast or you want to learn more about your craft, it can get a little boring if all of your photography excursions are done solo. While you can still do this whenever you like, have you ever considered joining a photography social club? It gives you more options when it comes to your photography and there are numerous positives and advantages to being part of an organized group of photographers.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why you might want to consider being part of a photography club and how it can benefit you.

#1 – Members Can Share Their Knowledge and Skills

Possibly one of the greatest advantages of a photography social group is the sharing of knowledge and acquired skills. If you’re just starting out in photography in any medium, a social club presents the perfect opportunity to learn from others. You might even have some knowledge and techniques that you can share with others in the group.

There is always something new to learn and everyone, at every level, will have something positive to contribute.

#2 – You’ll Make Some Cool New Friends

One of the reasons people decide to join social clubs of any description is to meet other like-minded people. That’s exactly what you’ll experience when you join a photography club.

You already know everyone there either has a love affair with photography or at least a keen interest in photography, so you’ll have that in common with every member in the group.

What could eventuate is having some new people to get together with and socialise with outside of photography. You can never have too many good friends or people to hang out with.

#3 – You’ll Get To Visit New Places

Photography clubs generally like to get out and about and explore, so no doubt, when you’re a part of the social group, you’ll find yourself venturing further afield and going to a variety of different locations to take some photos and search for cool photo opportunities.

Each get-together will be like a new adventure. Another point is that everyone in the group can pitch ideas on what to do or where to go next for a photography session.

While the group may occasionally revisit certain spots, most of the time you’ll find yourself venturing somewhere new and interesting.

#4 – Indulge In Photography Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most people who are involved in photography will tend to either gravitate towards the type of photography they are best at, or the style of photography that interests them the most. For example, you might be someone that loves taking photos of people, either in a studio environment or even candidly. As part of a club, you’ll find your boundaries being pushed as you’re forced out of your comfort zone and encouraged to try different things.

One day you might find yourself in a wilderness location doing landscape photography or wildlife photography. The next time, you could be walking the suburban streets to do some street life photography or architectural photography.

Different opportunities abound and it doesn’t hurt to try your hand at a variety of photographic mediums.

#5 – Save Money On Photography Adventures

Occasionally, the group might make plans to venture further afield for a photography adventure, such as an entire weekend somewhere. While this can certainly be exciting, there’s likely to be a cost involved.

The advantage of traveling with a group is that you can save money on expenses by all chipping in. You might even be able to negotiate a better deal on accommodation through a group booking as well.

#6 – Finding Photography Clubs Is Simple

Photography clubs are popular, so they are in many different locations around the country. Just jump on the internet to find one near you. Some example searches for the Sydney area could be:

Just substitute the location with your city or suburb.

The Takeaway

Joining an active photography club has many advantages and it can be a lot of fun. You’ll likely learn a lot more about the hobby you love and make some new friends in the process.

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