Why Drinking Water From a Brita Filter Tastes Like Fridge Water

There are many benefits of drinking water from a Brita filter, but the taste will vary based on the temperature. Cold water tastes cool and refreshing, but it doesn’t taste good at room temperature. Room temperature water is beneficial to aid digestion and maintain energy levels. Drinking water from a Brita filter will boost your metabolism, and drinking water that tastes cold can burn an extra 70 calories. So, it’s best to drink cold water when possible. Check waterfiltergear.

We must drink adequate water throughout the day to replace the water we lose. But you should know how much water should a person drink a day. Water deficiency is the most common cause of issues, as our bodies naturally resist excessive consumption. When suffering from any sickness, you must increase your water intake regardless of how much water a person should drink each day.


There are several ways to check your water’s PFOA content. First, you can use a do-it-yourself water test kit or contact a local laboratory for more information. Additionally, you can use a reverse osmosis system to filter out the majority of contaminants. While this solution does not guarantee you will not taste fridge water, it should improve the taste of the water.


While a BRITA water filter is great for removing contaminants from your tap water, it is not a magical filter that will get rid of all taste and odor. Activated carbon, a material that is found in most fridge filters, is not effective in removing PFOA or calcium, two minerals that are known to contribute to water hardness. Although magnesium is harmless in small doses, it is harmful when it reaches high concentrations in our water. For that reason, a Brita water filter should be used when you experience this taste in your water. Also read my Brita water tastes weird.

The Longlast Filter is capable of removing copper, zinc, and most other contaminants from your water. It can also remove benzene, asbestos, pesticides, and certain pharmaceuticals. The Longlast Filter also removes Class 1 particulates. Water is prone to contain calcium, which is due to exposure between the water supply and the earth’s crust. Depending on where you live, you might be surprised to find that your tap water contains high amounts of calcium, which can negatively affect the taste and even leave your water jug scaled. Brita water filters remove calcium from your tap water, so you can drink filtered water that tastes better than ever.

One study concluded that filtered water had as many as 10,000 more bacterial colonies than unfiltered tap water. The bacteria count in the water from the Brita filter was higher than in the unfiltered water, and the difference was not statistically significant. Despite these findings, the filtered water tasted like fridge after filtering. The bacteria count in the water from the fridge was only a few hundred cfu higher than that of the tap water.


The magnesium mineralized water in BWT is refreshing, bubbly, and hot. The filter removes chlorine and other chemicals that can impair the taste of water. It also adds magnesium, resulting in water that is almost neutral in pH. This makes water taste like refrigerator water – so good in fact, that you can drink it straight from the fridge. If you have trouble drinking water that tastes like fridge water, BWT may be the answer for you.

The magnesium in your water is a major contributor to its hardness, which is the measure of the alkali earth ions in the water. It can be washed off rocks and is naturally found in many minerals. It can also be found in fertilizers and is distributed into local water supplies. Magnesium is not toxic unless you consume a large amount. This mineral is removed from drinking water through the Brita filter.

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