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To give a general definition, health insurance is a type of policy that covers expenses incurred in the event of illness or injury.

dedcitable health insurance policy can prove to be essential on various occasions in life, from daily unforeseen events to trips abroad. In the latter case, the policy intervenes by assisting the traveler, directing him to a trusted doctor on site or at affiliated facilities.

The benefits of this type of coverage often outweigh the costs. Its purpose is not so much to replace the benefits related to the national health system, as to protect itself from unpleasant situations related to loss of money related to an illness, or to face costs for decidedly onerous specialized care. It also allows you to choose between private affiliated facilities, enjoying faster waiting times.

Looking for opinions on health policies? After this reading you will certainly have clearer ideas.

How health insurance works

Health policies cover expenses related to the state of health of those who subscribe to them: diagnostic tests, treatments, hospital admissions and the purchase of drugs.

The coverage can be various: indemnity, reimbursement, for home assistance, for travel. The most common guarantee the reimbursement of expenses incurred for medical treatment, specialist visits and diagnostic tests.

The available plans can cover the single individual, the whole family unit or the employees of a business, and are modular according to need.

5 fundamental tips for choosing a health policy

It is not always easy to juggle options, clauses, guarantees. Are you considering taking out health insurance but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 things to consider:

  1. Lifestyle

This parameter is not only useful for choosing the ideal coverage. In reality, the premium of a health policy can vary a lot depending on the applicant, as it is calculated based on various factors such as age, lifestyle, work done, state of health and so on.

At the time of stipulation you will have to provide various information relating to your state of health, without omissions and inaccuracies.

For these reasons you should receive a personalized quote and not rely on a standard purchase.

Additional Services

Some policies include special services in addition to basic coverage. Ask yourself which ones you might need and which ones you could do without.

The network of affiliated structures and professionals to which you could access should also be evaluated, in terms of capillarity and quality of service.

Even if not strictly related to the policy itself, consider the assistance service of the Insurance Company with which you would like to sign it: it must be up to your needs, efficient, ready to intervene quickly in emergencies.

Coverage and ceiling

Even the most comprehensive policy does not cover all health-related expenses indiscriminately.

It is important to know that health insurances cannot intervene (or do so only partially) on pre-existing health problems. But not only that, they are excluded regardless:

  • Expenses due to the abuse of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs, even in the event of accidents caused by these substances.
  • Expenses for diets and nutritional advice
  • Expenses for voluntary interruptions of pregnancy and contraceptives, unless otherwise indicated.

Pay attention to the ceiling: this represents the maximum expense that the Insurance Company can make to reimburse the customer. The higher the ceiling, the more coverage is extended, the higher the premium to be paid.

Deficiency period

There is a certain period from signing up to the entry into force of the policy, also known as the “leave period”: in the event of illness during this period, health care costs are not covered.

Advance expenses

Health policies can intervene in two ways: with direct payment to the facility, in the case of affiliated facilities, or indirectly, by reimbursing the insured for the amount paid to the facility.

In the case of reimbursement health policies, the insured must therefore anticipate the expenses incurred, expenses which are then reimbursed by the Company.

This aspect should not be overlooked: ask yourself if you can support the advance of an often important payment.

Health Insurance Opinions: A List of 5 Tips Probably Not Enough!

The protection of health is one of the essential rights in the life of every human being, and in this context factors such as timeliness and accessibility are fundamental and not negligible.

The ones we have listed are just some of the main factors in choosing your health policy: from here you can take the first steps to find the coverage most in line with your needs and your starting situation. Relying on experts is always good advice.

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