Habitat – cages

The environment in which you keep your pets is an important element to be concerned about. If you have fewer birds, maybe just a couple, an enclosure can provide an excellent home if it’s large, sturdy and well-maintained. To meet the minimum size requirements try to get 2x2x2 inches, however, since the pigeons naturally fly around freely, the bigger the space you are able to give them, the more space they will have. Birds Of Virginia Beware of overcrowding since it increases the likelihood of illness spreading and fights between birds in addition to being harmful to their general happiness. If you keep more birds than you can handle it’s worth investing your efforts into building an attractive loft.

The ideal loft or cage is best kept in a location where the open skies can be observed and away from the overhanging trees or massive structures. This will keep your birds active and secure. Make sure your birds are away from bright sunlight and drafts and other animals, such as dogs and cats. 

A higher enclosure can help keep vermin and rats from being a problem – particularly worth taking into consideration if your birds are housed in a small-scale environment. Importantly, pigeons don’t like humid conditions, so make sure that their homes are dried and well-ventilated, usually supported by fans. More

Building an home

A variety of perches in the enclosure will benefit the pigeons’ territorial nature In addition, providing a range of toys that are safe will keep your birds amused. A proper hygiene routine is essential to proper bird care. 

Cleaning the cage or loft every day, a daily cleaning of the loft or cage as well as a clean floor cover of wood shavings or straw and clean, fresh water every day, and a regular supply of fresh food is crucial. Be sure to ensure that the water and feed containers are clean and clean by sterilizing them on a regular basis.

Feeding your pigeon

One of the most crucial factors to success in the field of the pigeon race is care and nutrition. As with good soil, a pigeon who is going to be an elite performer needs the most nutritious food available at birth to guarantee the growth of strong muscles, bones, and feathering. All Birds Lay Eggs We provide all the kinds of food and supplements required to help the serious fancier throughout the phase of the race. 

Modern-day pigeon racing has international and national competitions Our food and supplement selections are designed specifically to maximize speed, performance, and endurance. Store feed in a cool and dry environment to prevent contamination.

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