Collie Eye Anomaly in Dogs

Although it is true that the condition of the eye is often referred to as the breed of collie, collie eye anomaly (CEA) can actually affect a variety of dog breeds because it is passed through genes through a litter’s parents. It affects its retina within the eyes of the dog, CEA often leads to blindness. This condition isn’t thought to be curable, but in certain cases, it is possible to treat the condition with surgery.

 the retinal tear which causes blindness. Where Do Birds Go At Night Breeds such as collies, Shetland sheepdogs Australian shepherds border collies, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are more at risk of being able to inherit CEA through their parent. 1 Because it could have devastating effects on the dog’s vision, it is essential to owners of breeds with high risk to be aware of this condition and be aware of the signs that it causes.

What is Collie Eye Anomaly

Collie eye anomaly (CEA) Also known as collie eyes defect is an eye disorder that affects the growth of the dog’s eye and can cause vision impairment. This is an inherited disorder that can be found in some dogs. CEA generally causes blood vessels in the eye, that provide circulation of blood to the retina to become weak. The condition can cause blindness in extreme cases when the retina doesn’t get the proper blood flow or gets detached. 

Different kinds of Collie Eye Anomaly in Dogs

The condition is commonly described as a disorder because various eye anomalies are categorized as components of the condition:Choroidal hypoplasia, also known as changes in the chorioretinal layer: These are the most often observed changes in CEA which affect the circulation of blood to a sub-retinal vascular layer known as the choroid. 

These choroidal conditions are believed to be the least risky of CEA anomalies, and dogs are not likely to lose their vision.Retinal folds This condition is caused by the retina folding into itself. This condition tends to improve with age, which is why dogs aren’t likely to lose sight. Staphyloma or coloboma or ectasia. All of these issues involve an eye bulge generally in the area of the optic disc. More

 These conditions can cause blindness or retinal disconnection dependent on the severityVascular diseases or blood vessels that are tortuous: These conditions cause issues with the supply of blood within the eye, which makes vessels insufficient, weak, or completely inactive.

The signs that are indicative of Collie Eye Anomaly in Dogs

Collie eye anomalies aren’t generally a condition evidently observed by pet owners. However, occasionally there are more noticeable eye anomalies that are observed alongside CEA. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus Pet owners may be able to notice changes in the visual appearance and shape of their dogs’ eyes or notice unusual behavior that indicates the dog’s vision is affected. 1 The signs and symptoms listed below may be visible:

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