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Traceability is indispensable in the food and beverage industries today. It’s probably one of the most important concerns your company has, whether it’s to show consumers transparency or to be accountable for food safety to governing agencies.

It goes without saying that preserving real end-to-end traceability for food is a difficult endeavor that calls for meticulous planning, the commitment of considerable resources, and cutting-edge technology solutions. Regarding lot tracking and recalls, having the best food traceability software can provide you with more control and peace of mind.

This article lists some important features that you should look for when choosing the best food traceability software for your business. 

1 – Inventory control

A food company or supplier can better manage its inventory by using a framework and system for food traceability. Tracing tools like RFID or QR code systems can further enhance that process by enabling staff to quickly scan a code to access pertinent data on stored or shipped produce.

The best food traceability software will also link seamlessly with a transport management system to make it easier for the receiving and logistics teams to get information about a cargo. Additionally, this interface streamlines communication with a third-party logistics provider.

2 – Tracking of raw materials lots

Even if your merchant doesn’t offer this service, assigning the degree of Lot numbering to the things you purchased as raw goods is crucial. This is because you will need to determine which product in the shipment is the issue if your store informs you that there is a problem with one you received from them a week ago.

Additionally, you may see which other shipments of that product are present.

3 – Automated data collection

It is crucial to record important information each time materials or goods move from one location to another but doing all that data gathering manually would be time-consuming. The best food traceability software automates the procedure for this very reason.

The critical information can be logged quickly by integrating with barcode and QR code scanners, as well as other linked sensors and scales, without any of your personnel needing to perform any task. There is no scope for human error because these actions are automatically scheduled, which guarantees that they are completed each time accurately.

4 – Tracking using QR codes

QR codes are just as simple to use and can hold more data than standard bar codes and scanners. They are especially crucial for suppliers of fresh produce since they may be used to collect data throughout the supply chain.

An add-in that enables the creation and use of QR codes will be an outstanding feature. They can then be positioned pretty much anywhere in the Microsoft Dynamics system.

To provide the best final product for your customers, it assists you in resolving industry difficulties, including ingredients and label management, allergen management, and quality control.

Concluding notes Perfect traceability in food and beverage manufacturing is a difficult goal to achieve, and occasionally even the most successful organizations run into problems. Being as prepared as you can be and doing thorough research are what matter most. Choosing the best food traceability software can help streamline your processes and make them more manageable.

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