Bewitching Bus Trips

Oh, the simple pleasures of life! All of us are tired of running around like headless chickens, searching for an elusive something and the harder we try, the farther it seems. Could it be happiness? And then we think about our childhood and the modest, unpretentious things that gave us so much pleasure. Taking bus tours is in a way like that. The slow, compared to an airplane, travel to a destination makes one enjoy the scenery around them, the vast vistas, the local food, and the inherent simplicity of the entire journey making it sometimes worth more than the destination itself.

Bus tours in Kentucky have been gaining popularity for quite some time. The Bluegrass State is known for its natural gorgeousness, its quaint small towns, and the warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants. More and more tourists are planning both short and long trips to various towns and cities here to immerse themselves in the local vibe and enjoy the various attractions of these places – most of which they wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere.

Stunning Stanford

Stanford is undoubtedly a small town but it is really big in terms of attractions. This place is an amazing destination for foodies. If you are the type who searches for bus trips near me with a very clear aim of having local delicacies, this is a place you’ll never want to leave. Stanford’s downtown district is littered with awesome eateries and you can check them all out one by one on your visit here, but the one you shouldn’t miss out on is the Bluebird. It serves homey, classic Southern cuisine with a twist of the sublime. Do try out its Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich – it is on another level altogether!

There is plenty to entertain you here. You can try your hand at bass fishing in Cedar Creek Lake or go kayaking and canoeing in the Dix River.

This shopper’s paradise houses superb selections of home décor stuff, handmade items, and southern antiques. You can easily spend hours checking them out and buying whatever your heart fancies.

Can bus trips in Stanford, KY, be complete without seeing historical attractions? Of course not! As is the case with most small towns in Kentucky, there are lots of sites here that have enormous historical significance. For example, the Isaac Shelby State Historic Site has the cemetery of the first and fifth governor of Kentucky, Isaac Shelby. Then there is the ‘Guardian of Wilderness Road, the William Whitley House, which was the first brick home and circular racetrack built in the west of the Alleghany Mountains. It is rightfully called ‘the beginning of horse racing in Kentucky’ – a significant tourist spot you really shouldn’t miss on your trip here.

To truly feel like a local in this gem of a town, you can keep an opening in your itinerary for the Stanford Flea Market, where you can buy anything from dolls, crafts, and collectibles to antiques, pets, and homemade sweets.

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