To upgrade your weapons in Black Ops Origins, you can choose among different weapons available in the market. Moreover, some weapons have more attributes compared to others. For example, rare weapons have more attributes like adrenaline build rate, instant charge, bleed on hit, and poison on hit. You should avoid disassembling them. If you want to beat tougher enemies, you must use weapons with three attributes or more.


There are several reasons to upgrade your Thundergun. Having unlimited ammo is one of them, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for the best weapon to upgrade in Black Ops Origins, it’s worth considering a variety of other options.

A Thundergun is a powerful weapon that can be used to knock back zombies or kill hordes of zombies. It has a huge range and a strong push effect. It’s not a weapon that will get you a lot of points, but it’s great for taking out a big horde of zombies.

A paralyzer weapon slows down enemies until they disintegrate. This weapon is a great weapon to upgrade, as you can collect parts for it by playing the game. It’s worth mentioning that it has unlimited ammo, but it will eventually get overheated. It has a cooldown time, so it’s not practical to use it for too long. But, you can always upgrade it so it fires faster.

ice staff upgrade

The ice staff upgrade in Black Ops Origins is a fairly straightforward process. To unlock this new weapon, you’ll need three blue discs, a gramophone, and a base staff. The blue discs can be found in three different zombie areas, the gramophone can be found in an excavation site, and the base staff can be found in a power room. There’s a small puzzle that you’ll have to solve when upgrading the base Ice Staff, but it’s not too difficult. Detailed screenshots will help you to see what to do and where to find the items.

The Ice Staff is an important weapon in Black Ops Origins. It is the most effective for solving puzzles, so it’s essential to use it whenever possible. You can upgrade the Ice Staff by solving a puzzle to gain its special abilities. The first puzzle is located near a giant robot footprint. To complete the puzzle, shoot the stone slabs until the symbols appear. Match each symbol with the pattern on the ceiling and wall, then hit it again.

The MP40

In Black Ops Origins, you can upgrade your MP40 to a more powerful gun. While it is not the best weapon in the game, it can help you out in certain situations. You can buy extra ammo to upgrade the MP40.

The MP40 is a German submachine gun that is found on every zombie map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is also present in the zombies map in Black Ops III. If you play the game in Nazi mode, you can get one by spending 1000 points. It is capable of dealing a lot of damage and has a high rate of fire.

Unlike other weapons, the MP40 provides a massive amount of mobility, which is crucial in the Warzone. To get the most out of the MP40, you should run a meta loadout to maximize your damage and mobility. You can also add the Recoil Booster muzzle for greater TTK and the VDD 189mm short barrel to decrease the damage falloff at range.

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark II is an upgraded version of the original Ray Gun that has improved accuracy, penetration, and headshot damage. It also has an increased clip size, allowing the user to fire 201 rounds per second. The Ray Gun is similar to the original in design, but offers several new options, including a three-round burst and red lazer shots.

The Ray Gun Mark 2 is not as powerful as the MP40, but it is very effective at killing zombies with one shot. It can easily kill a large group of zombies in one blast, which can be very advantageous in certain situations. While the MP40 is not as powerful as the Ray Gun Mark 2, it can be used with off-the-shelf ammo, which is a bonus in Black Ops Origins. Another weapon to upgrade is the Wunderwaffe, which uses electricity to kill a large number of zombies in one shot. While the Wunderwaffe is useful in certain situations, it is not an ideal option for scoring points.


There are two main types of weapons in Black Ops Origins, the KN-44 and the Wunderwaffe. Both of them are powerful weapons, but there are differences between them. The KN-44 is faster and does more damage per shot. The latter is best suited to first-person shooters, as it can be upgraded to do even more damage. If you are looking for a fast weapon that is also effective against zombies, you may want to consider the KN-44.

The KN-44 can be upgraded to a Long Barrel, which will increase its rate of fire. You can also buy an Extended Mag, which will increase the magazine capacity to 42 rounds. With the KN-44, you can strafe at a speed of 68%.

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